Thomas & Friends Adventures Blue Mountain Quarry Set

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Having made his debut way back in 1946, the redoubtable Thomas is looking good for his age! Your little ones form the umpteenth generation to be equally thrilled by the adventures of steam engine number one.

In this exciting adventure, they will find themselves at the Blue Mountain Quarry. Help them imagine what noises they might hear, what smells might wrinkle little noses.

Meanwhile, Thomas teams up with his trusty friend Owen, who as we all know very well, is the incline traction engine. Young fingers will be eager to help them transport that heavy rock boulder from the quarry. This involves moving the high-up yellow gate to drop the boulder right down on to the blue cargo slide towards the small circuit of elevated track. The green cargo car can then take it on whatever journey can be imagined.

As you'd expect, this terrific set is brave enough to withstand the rugged quarry life - at least in our imaginations as we accompany them on their terrific adventure. Although there's lots of work to do, everyone will surely be chuffed when the task is successfully completed!

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision.

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