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Toe by Toe is a book for anyone who struggles with reading, from those with dyslexia difficulties to those who simply find reading difficult.

Learners make progress in tiny steps, and that's exactly why this book is called Toe by Toe. Measuring this progress in tiny steps from page one gives students a confidence and self-esteem boost in every session, however short that session may be.

Toe by Toe's unique syllable division system is so easy to use it works regardless of the nature or severity of the student's literacy problems; everyone can be taught by Toe by Toe and you don't need to be a trained educator to teach with Toe by Toe! Following the very detailed instructions to the letter has meant some non-professionals have achieved better results than those with their own preconceived notions and ideas.

The book uses nonsense words called 'polynons' to teach students the sound of phenomes, instilling rules which can then be applied to any multi-syllabic word. This revolutionary system was developed with over 25 years of research and fieldwork. That's what makes it so easy to use, and why such a wide range of students show an astonishing improvement in their reading age with the support of Toe by Toe.

  • Structured Multi-sensory Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents

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5 years+


K & H Cowling

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