TOMY Classic Aquadoodle

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Every child that loves to be creative needs to have the Classic Aquadoodle by TOMY! Featuring a different colour in each corner, simply fill up the Aquadoodle pen with normal tap water and put the nib to the mat to see the colours come to life!

As it’s just plain water your children will be drawing with, the Classic Aquadoodle mat causes no mess or stains – only endless entertainment! When the water dries, the drawings disappear, meaning it can be doodled on again and again. The Aquadoodle pen is refillable too, so there’s no need to worry about playtime being cut short.

Not only that, but the colourful border features little pictures, and hidden letters and numbers to trace, which makes it the perfect gift for any toddler or small children learning their ABCs and numbers.

When your child is done, simply fold up the mat and keep the pen safe – no messy tidying up required, and any water that runs off the mat is just that – water! So there are absolutely no risks of stains. 

  • Recommended age of 18 months and over

  • Comes with refillable Aquadoodle pen

  • Perfect toy for children learning to draw, write and unleash their imagination!

  • No mess or stains involved as the water runs clear!

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Recommended age:

18 months+



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