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Designed for all creative children out there, TOMY Megasketcher is a charming drawing game that is environmentally friendly too, as it doesn’t involve paper, ink, paint or any other drawing equipment. Not to mention, it also saves you a great amount of time cleaning up after your child has finished their masterpiece!

This toy consists of a magnetic drawing board and a special pen that you can use for writing or drawing. It includes a magic eraser that removes everything from the pad in one swipe. Perfect for developing creativity and artistic expression from an early age, the TOMY Megasketcher can be used whenever and wherever.

Easily portable, it is suitable for children aged three to six. It gives them plenty of space for doodling with all the freedom they need and no risk of them moving onto the walls with pens and crayons. It works without a battery and also comes with four stamps – a star, paw, house and spiral to make drawing more interesting and simple.

Thanks to a cord that attaches the pen to the writing pad, there is no risk of losing any part of the toy. Its straightforward functions make it easy for your child to control every aspect of the game, even erasing, by sliding the small eraser lever from one side to another.

  • Easy doodling without paper or ink

  • Eraser lever easily removes everything from the pad in one swipe

  • Includes a pen and four stamps

  • Helps develop creativity

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3 years+



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