TOMY Toomies Octopals Bath Toy

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If you’re feeling out of your depth at bath time (never too early to introduce your little ones to Dad jokes by the way), allow mummy octopus and her 8 little octopi to put things in perspective for you. Unless you’re bathing more than 8 kids of course, in which case congratulations on your swimming pool.

Mummy octopus miraculously turns into a water pouring cup; each of her babies can stick to the bathtub, wall tiles or squirt water. But TOMY’s Octopals bath toy isn’t just for soaking parents. Each baby has its own number that matches mummy’s tentacles to get kids started on their numeracy skills. 

  • Mummy octopus turns upside down for water pouring fun or chaos

  • 8 little octopi babies squirt water and attach to the bath or wall tiles via suction cups

  • Babies attach to mummy octopus for number fun and easy storage

  • Best for little ones aged 12+ months

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1 year+



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