TOMY Toomies Pic & Pop Walker

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Your little one will have a blast with the TOMY Toomies Pic and Pop Walker. Watch your toddler giggle as the colourful balls pop out of the front of the interactive toy when walking along.

The clever design makes this toy easy for your child to use while enhancing motor skills and encouraging learning through play. Just at the right height, your child can push the TOMY Toomies Pic and Pop Walker along using the handles. Each handle has a large button which, when clicked, fire a ball out of the walker, just like a cannon ball fires out of a cannon! There are five different balls included, so all five can be fired in rapid succession for a burst of colour.

Neither you nor your little one needs to worry about picking the balls back up. Your toddler simply pushes the walker towards the balls, rolls it over the top of each one and it sucks them back up as if by magic, ready to be fired out again.

With these clever features, the walk-behind toy teaches your child about cause and effect. It also encourages your toddler to keep moving and practise walking as he/she chases after the popped-out balls. Come rain or shine, your toddler will enjoy this ball-blasting toy.

  • Simple to operate

  • Teaches cause and effect

  • Great for practising first steps

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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18 months+



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