TOMY Toomies Quack Along Ducks

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From the family of adorable creatures, TOMY Toomies Quack Along Ducks is just one example of how interactive toys can be significant for your child’s hand-eye coordination development. Featuring a mama duck and her two little ducklings following her, this toy is meant for children older than 10 months. The perfect gift, it will encourage their movement and enhance even their cognitive skills while keeping them in a good mood.

With quacking noises that are heard once you move the toy, these cute animals are designed to keep your kids entertained while developing their motor skills. Clad in bright colours, this toy is made of durable materials, intended for long-term use. It’s cute and relatively small, so your kids cannot injure themselves with it.

Battery operated, the TOMY Toomies line features different animal toys, and the Quack Along Ducks are sure to be fun for both you and your child. What’s more, the toys from this range teach your children unique sounds that different animals make, so they are also partly educational.

Once your child pulls them along by a specially designed cord that fits toddlers’ height and hand size, it produces an amusing melody that will make the entire family smile. What’s more, these ducks don’t only move forward – they waddle from one side to another.

  • For children older than 10 months

  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination

  • Makes quacking noises when pulled along

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