Tonies Favourite Classics - Peter Pan and other classic stories

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Fly with Peter Pan, go on an epic treasure hunt with Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, visit strange mysterious lands on Gulliver’s Travels, witness the family feuds of Little Lord Fauntleroy and hit the high seas on an epic voyage with Sinbad the Sailor as you embark on an imaginative journey.

Share timeless classic stories that are familiar and beloved while inspiring your little ones for adventure as David Henry Wilson retells these five exciting tales.

Laugh, Listen and Play as Tonies are handcrafted and durable, making them great collector’s items, also hardy enough to survive even the most swashbuckling of adventures.

Inspires interaction through touch, sight and sound. Place the figurine on the box and excite the senses through imagination and listening.

The compact size and design mean the Tonies can go anywhere and everywhere which is perfect for days out, bedtimes, storytimes or on the go. 

  • The perfect introduction to the retelling of classic stories to be shared. Other classic tales are also available.

  • Approximate run time is 90 minutes but the thrill and inspiration will last a lifetime.

  • Not suitable for children under the age of three years.

  • NOTE: Wi-Fi connection needed for initial set-up

  • NOTE: For use with Tonies Toniebox (ordered separately)

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3 years+



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