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The creator of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, never fails to delight with her childrens' books. The Highway Rat is a charming tale of a rat that steals from other animals, until a clever duck decides it's time to turn the tables! Beautifully written in rhyme, this is a story to be enjoyed repeatedly: the Tonies Highway Rat gives children the opportunity to do just that, enabling them to listen to the Highway Rat as many times as they like.

To operate the Tonies audio box, which is needed before the Highway Rat can be played, just place the rat figure on top of the box. The box recognises the figure and will automatically download and start playing the story. Narrated to a high standard, the Highway Rat is just one of a large number of Tonies stories which can be purchased and added to the collection.

The Highway Rat makes a perfect gift for children who already have the Tonies audio box, or a good accompaniment if the box is purchased as a present.

  • Straight-forward operation - no switches or insertions required.

  • Durable figure which is designed to withstand the demands children put on their toys.

  • Story can be played anytime, anywhere, as many times as you wish.

  • NOTE: Wi-Fi connection needed for initial set-up

  • NOTE: For use with Tonies Toniebox (ordered separately)

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