Tonies How and Why - The Age of Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Animals

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Every parent wants to watch Jurassic World with their kids, but when it comes to younger sprogs, it can be too scary. If you can’t wait for some dino-themed fun, Tonies have you covered with this Tonie from the ‘How and Why’ range. And much to Spielberg’s dismay, this toy will give your budding palaeontologist some factual information about dinosaurs too.

If you haven’t used a Toniebox before, a Toniebox is a stylish box that won’t break itself or your foot if dropped. Using a smartphone app, you add songs, stories or educational books onto the box – including your own, if you fancy yourself as a voiceover artist. You can activate the Toniebox with your phone, but your kids can take charge with Tonies – toys that activate a story when you sit them on top of the box.

This Tonie features two sets of educational tales about when dinosaurs, and possibly grandparents, roamed the Earth. 'The Age of Dinosaurs' takes kids through what the earth looked like when dinos were the bosses, what the dino life looked like - and where they all went. 'Prehistoric Animals' takes kids' education even further, back to when animals first started to spring up from the sea. 

  • Contains two stories: Age of the Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

  • Runs for about 70 minutes

  • NOTE: Wi-Fi connection needed for initial set-up

  • NOTE: For use with Tonies Toniebox (ordered separately)

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3 years+



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