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Offering a new angle on the perennial bedtime story, the Tonies collection allows children to listen to their favourite tales as many times as they wish - and not just at bedtime! Room on the Broom is a much-loved children's storybook by Julia Donaldson. Detailing the antics of a witch who has just too much company on her broomstick, this rhyming story has delighted children for years.

The Tonies Room on the Broom witch not only looks appealing, it's also simple to use. Even younger children can swiftly pick out their favourite stores from the Tonies collection of figures.

A fantastic gift for any child, Room on the Broom can be given alone or with a number of other Tonies storybook classics.

  • Well-written and thought-provoking, this is a gentle story that's ideal for bedtime listening.

  • Simple to operate: used with the Tonies audio box, children simply place the Room on the Broom witch figure onto the box. This prompts the automatic download of the story, which will then begin to play without further attention being needed.

  • A great aid to sleep! Sensitively narrated, the calming tones can have a relaxing effect as children unwind for the night.

  • Solid construction and smooth, safe shape that's easy for small fingers to hold.

  • NOTE: Wi-Fi connection needed for initial set-up

  • NOTE: For use with Tonies Toniebox (ordered separately)

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