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Everyone’s favourite children’s novel is now available as an audiobook and a cute, handcrafted toy. Tonies The Little Prince comes from the range of figurines that unlock stories and fairytales on your Tonie box. This way, your children can enjoy their favourite books while playing, instead of waiting for a bedtime story.

Accompanied by a booklet, The Little Prince figurine has a magnetic key that, once attached to the Toniebox, starts the download of this famous novel from the Toniecloud. You will only need a Wi-Fi connection for the first time and later you can play this story whenever your child wants, even without the Internet.

With a running time of approximately 100 minutes, the track features all 27 chapters from the beloved novel intended for children over the age of 8. You can play it even to younger children - just make sure not to leave them alone with the figurine in case they swallow it.

The tracks feature the narrated novel, along with music to create a great experience for your child. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s story will help you teach your children the importance of friendship and individuality but also love. Easy to store, Tonies figurines and Toniebox are great for a road trip and domestic use.

  • The Little Prince narrated in English

  • 27 chapters lasting about 100 minutes in total

  • The figurine magnetically attaches to the Toniebox

  • The story is automatically downloaded for later offline use

  • NOTE: Wi-Fi connection needed for initial set-up

  • NOTE: For use with Tonies Toniebox (ordered separately)

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3 years+



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