Tooky Toy Wooden Alphabet Abacus

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Learning has never been so fun with the Tooky Toy Wooden Alphabet Abacus! This educational wooden abacus aids the development of imagination and logic skills in little ones, decorated with bright, colourful, child-safe paints to keep them engaged and having fun.

The Tooky Toy Wooden Alphabet Abacus consists of 36 brightly coloured, fully rotational blocks, which are double-sided with the letters of the alphabet or numbers printed on one side and corresponding pictures and words on the other. They will learn the order of the alphabet, how to count, how to write letters and numbers, and how to spell words such as fish, nest, tractor and umbrella.

Two bright green boards hold up the abacus, with cute holes in the side to make it easy to grasp and move throughout play and when tidying up. Made out of wood, this toy is also environmentally friendly: no plastic or harmful materials involved!

Suitable for ages 3 years and up, this toy is made with premium craftsmanship out of durable, child-friendly wood.

  • Bright and colourful toy educates and entertains.

  • Encourages development of logic and motor skills and imagination.

  • Easy to handle and store.

  • Dimensions: 25 x 32 x 12 cm

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3 years+


Tooky Toy

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