Tooky Toy Wooden Ambulance

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Young children will love the Tooky Toy Wooden Ambulance. Recommended for little ones aged from 18 months, it’s the perfect toy to help babies learn how to push and roll. The wooden toy is easy for young children to grip and its wheels allow for smooth gliding. The base and wheels separate from the body, allowing kids to take the toy apart and put it back together again.

Push and roll toys are proven to help develop gross motor skills in children, which are the physical movements such as pushing, pulling, reaching and balancing. Such toys are also beneficial in helping to establish fine motor skills, the smaller movements that help children master dexterity. The Tooky Toy Wooden Ambulance will not only aid essential skill development but will spark the imagination in young children as they create scenarios in their minds. Tooky’s collection also consists of a fire engine, police car and truck.

  • Each Tooky Toy is hand-painted with water-based dyes and, as they’re made entirely from wood, are also more environmentally friendly than plastic toys.

  • The toy’s dimensions are 13..7 x 9.4 x 8.5 cm and it weighs 399g.

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18 months+


Tooky Toy

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