Tooky Toy Wooden Beads Coaster

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This education dream toy is bound to keep your baby engaged and happy for hours on end. Visual, tactile and auditory senses are all stimulated with the Tooky Toy Wooden Beads Coaster, while little ones build on their sensory and fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination through play.

The two wooden blocks featured on the Beads Coaster can be anchored by the strong suction cups placed underneath, meaning parents can secure it to almost any surface they want to. Children will be engaged watching the brightly coloured interwoven wires which constantly criss-cross over each other. All of the wires have been softly coated so that the multi-shaped wooden beads are able to spin and slide over them with ease. Babies can easily grip and manipulate this clever little maze.

Included in the Tooky Toy Wooden Beads Coaster are 23 different shaped wooden beads and rings that can help teach your baby colour and shape variations as well as tracking skills. Little ones will love to push and slide the different shapes along the wires and learn as they engage in imaginative play.

  • Strong and sturdy wooden bead coaster.

  • Wooden blocks come with suction pads that will adhere to most surfaces.

  • Supports the development of motor skills as well as encouraging cognitive and imaginative play.

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2 years+


Tooky Toy

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