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Wooden toys are really coming back into fashion now as parents look for classic, environmentally friendly gift ideas. This Tooky Toy wooden road roller is a great toy for any child who loves building-based play or playing with vehicles generally. Made to a high standard, it will last for a long time and give many hours of enjoyable adventures. The roller included moves smoothly to flatten down anything in its way. From helping to roll out a pretend road in your living room to taking it to work on a pretend building site, your little one will have lots of fun coming up with ideas on how to use it.

As such, it is the ideal toy for helping with motor skill development, coordination, problem-solving and creative play. Finished in classic building style colouring, it looks just like the real thing. The road roller is also chunky enough to be easy to hold for young hands and simple to manipulate.

  • Excellent for developing key skills like co-ordination and problem solving.

  • Superbly crafted wooden toy.

  • Hours of fun for children who like working vehicle play.

  • Colourful design and finish.

  • Environmentally friendly gift idea.

  • Specially made for little hands to grip.

  • Smooth-action roller.

  • Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 14cm

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3 years+


Tooky Toy

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