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Your kids will love to “Alienize” their voice with the Alienizer Voice Changer from the popular children’s film franchise Toy Story. Sound exactly the same as one of the small green coloured aliens from the popular Disney Pixar films. Children simply have to hold the microphone up to their mouths, similar to a walkie talkie, speak into the mic whilst simultaneously pressing the button. The voice changing toy uses an electronic box to change your voice into that of an alien. The adjustable speaker can also be directed upwards or side-to-side so that your child’s voice can reach in any direction.

With the Toy Story Alienizer, children aged 3 years and up can change their voices so they sound just like one of the infamous Pizza Planet green aliens. Imaginative play is encouraged as children think up brand new adventures for the Toy Story gang. Combine with other toys from the Toy Story range such as Woody or Buzz Lightyear to keep the whole crew together as they embark on friend saving missions.

  • This toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

  • The Alienizer changes your child’s voice into the iconic Pizza Planet green aliens as featured in the hit Disney Pixar films.

  • The voice changer will “alienize” your child’s speech.

  • Speaker is adjustable so that sound can be directed in multiple different ways.

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3 years+



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