Toy Story Ducky and Bunny Interactive Figures

Toy Story Ducky and Bunny Interactive Figures


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Children can enjoy their own adventures with two of the newest characters from the Toy Story movie series. Ducky and Bunny love to stick together and come as a pair in this set of interactive figures.

From the Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 movie, Ducky and Bunny are colourful carnival toys that want nothing more than to find a home of their own. In your home, they'll be perfect for any child that loves to reenact movie scenes or create new stories using their own amazing imagination.

Each figure speaks more than 20 different phrases, bringing the movie to life with sentences and sound effects using recognisable voices. When you press their noses together, they'll interact in a way that kids will love. Bunny might ask "Why you got to look at me like that?", with Ducky replying "Like what?". Young children will love this additional interactive feature, and will really feel like their toys are coming to life!

Ducky and Bunny are sturdy plastic toys that have poseable limbs, making them the ideal choice for creative play. In the bright colours of the original movie characters, they're sure to capture the attention - and imagination - of any young Toy Story fan.

  • Talking figures using 20+ movie phrases.

  • Poseable figures based on the movie characters.

  • Ideal for role-play and creativity.

  • Bring the two toys together for even more fun.

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