Toy Story Imaginext Buzz Lightyear Robot

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Budding Space Rangers will fall in love with the Imaginext Buzz Lightyear Robot inspired by the popular movie character. Let their imagination travel to infinity and beyond with this Buzz Lightyear themed toy. The robot itself acts as the launch pad, space station and complete playset all combined into one neat package. Turning the power pad will open up the robot's chest, where inside, you'll find the Command Centre, featuring a number of different computers and platforms to see.

On the Imaginext Buzz Lightyear Robot's right arm is his weapon of choice – a rocket launcher with even more open ports for extra projectiles to be shot. On Buzz’s left arm is a claw that can be used to reach and pick up different figures for more interactive play. Drop each character into the cargo hold which is down by Buzz’s left foot. Included in this set are three separate projectiles, a figure of Buzz Lightyear and a figure of a space alien too.

Onto the back of the Buzz Bot and attached to its arms are wing glider clips that rotate forward when moved. The torso can also swivel 45 degrees.

  • Suitable for children aged between 3-8.

  • Buzz figure can be placed within the spaceship’s cockpit.

  • Use the Power Pad to open up the wings.

  • Right arm features a projectile launcher.

  • Left arm is a claw to pick up the alien villains.

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