Toy Story Mr and Mrs Potato Head - Single Assorted

Toy Story Mr and Mrs Potato Head - Single Assorted


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Around since the 1950s, and still going strong today, the Mr Potato Head toy is a long-lasting family favourite. Children have enjoyed generations of fun with Mr and Mrs Potato Head, creating mix-and-match potato faces using the included accessories.

The modern Potato Head toy comes with a plastic potato and a selection of additional accessories and facial features. Children can select from a range of eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hats, bags, glasses and other accessories, making the potato creation of their choice. Will they be sensible, or put an ear where his mouth should be?

Mr Potato Head and Mrs Potato Head have become firm favourites with a new generation thanks to the Disney Pixar Toy Story films. This iconic toy can be used to relive movie moments or create a brand new adventure. With Mr or Mrs Potato Head, your little one can let their imagination take control. Younger children will enjoy identifying particular facial features, whilst older ones will have a lot of fun getting creative and mixing things up!

Mr and Mrs Potato Head parts are cross-compatible, which means that you can expand the possibilities with an even wider range of accessories and add-ons, all perfectly sized for small hands.

  • A popular toy since the 1950s.

  • Cross-compatible with other Potato Head accessories.

  • Encourages creativity and imaginative play.

  • One Mr or Mrs Potato Head supplied.

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2 years+



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