Toy Story True Talkers Rex Figure

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Spark your child's imagination by introducing them to their very own talking Toy Story Rex figure! A must-have for every Disney Pixar Toy Story fan, this talking, posable Rex figure will provide hours of imaginative and creative play. Rex seems almost lifelike with his 15+ iconic phrases such as "I'm actually, a very fierce dinosaur, honestly" and "We're going to play, real play, I can't wait!". Choose from the full variety of Toy Story 4 characters, and recreate the exciting adventures of the love-able T-Rex along with his friends Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky and more.

The classic friends meet exciting new characters and explore new lands in the latest Toy Story 4 movie. Why not recreate your own by taking Rex back in time to the Wild Wild West, and save the damsel in distress? Or zoom into space and discover new planets inhabited by three-eyed aliens. Your imagination is limitless when you have a group of best friends to explore it with!

Rex's posable features include his head, arms, legs and tail, making him a fun yet durable toy.

  • Suitable for ages three and up.

  • Iconic posable figure for realistic play.

  • 15 + exciting phrases.

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3 years+



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