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The Triangle book is the first in the new Shapes trilogy from bestseller Mac Barnett, author of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and illustrated by Jon Klassen.

This story as the title suggests is about Triangle, a very sneaky shape that wants to play a trick on his friend Square. Triangle is a triangle that lives in a triangle house in a land full of triangles. He travels through shapes with no names and big, medium and small triangles and squares to get to Squares house to scare him by pretending to be a snake.

He hisses away until Square finally catches him in the act. Enraged Square tries to get revenge by going to Triangle's house but his shape won't fit through the doorway! Blocking the doorway however Square makes Triangle's house all dark and he gets frightened. Square gets his revenge after all and laughs at Triangle pretending this was his plan all along. But was it?!

  • Using humour and a tongue in cheek style.

  • The authors very cleverly weave a hilarious tale.

  • Combined with dark and abstract images, this book is a visual delight.

  • Great for young children just starting to learn about shapes and sizes.

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3 years+


Walker Books

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