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Simply match colours and numbers in a bid to deplete your hand and be the first player left with just one card…UNO!

It’s an easy to understand card game, requiring nothing except the deck and lightning reactions. Players race to get rid of their cards by being the first to match a colour or number on their cards with the one on the top of the deck.

But don’t get complacent as your deck dwindles – the Action Cards can change the game in a split second, as players can swap hands with an opponent, miss a turn or be forced to draw multiple cards.

The Wild Cards also add a whole new dimension to the game, allowing players to write their own rules to try and catch each other out.

Uno is a brilliant card game which is fun for the whole family. Great for a games night in or easily transportable on holiday, challenge friends and family to a game anywhere, anytime!

  • Recommended for players aged 7+

  • Players race to get rid of their cards until they are left with just one…UNO.

  • Comes with customisable Wild Cards so you can great your own rules too.

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7 years+



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