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Introduce your baby to the new baby laptop from VTech. Stop your baby playing with your computer and provide them with their own baby-friendly laptop. Supply the little ones with an educational gift that shares the much-loved sounds of animals and music.

The VTech baby laptop features nine chunky buttons to represent animal noises and shapes while the ABC buttons will share alphabet sounds with your baby to promote learning and phonetic recognition. Includes three sing-along songs and 20 joyful melodies to bring the love of music into your baby's life. Provide a fun and interactive learning experience by switching between shapes, animals and music with the interactive switch on the side of the toy.

The VTech baby laptop also features a fully movable mouse which corresponds to the light-up LED screen, for enjoyable role-playing. A roller bar is located at the back of the toy for your baby to play with. Features an English speaking voice that speaks phrases and asks questions to encourage and accelerate your baby's learning also lift and close the lid for opposites. For an immersive and educational toy look no further than the VTech Baby Laptop. A great addition to any baby's toy box.

  • Learn with three different modes of play: Animals, shapes and music

  • Interactive mouse perfect for playing grown-ups and role-playing

  • Nine chunky buttons and LED screen for interactive fun

  • Alphabet learning function for phonetic development and learning

  • Includes sing-along songs and twenty joyful melodies

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Recommended age:

6 months+



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