VTech Baby Tiny Tot Driver

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Whether your little one wants to pretend to be a bus driver or a police officer, the VTech Baby Tiny Tot Driver is the perfect toy to help them role-play to their heart's content.

This colourful interactive toy features a large, easy-to-grip steering wheel that's the perfect size for tiny hands. By turning the wheel and moving the puppy around the buttons on the dashboard, your baby can learn all about five different types of vehicles and the different sounds they make.

Other fun features, such as the gear stick and light-up horn, will not only help babies develop their motor skills, they will also encourage them to engage in some imaginative play.

Babies who are still a bit too young for 'let's pretend' can enjoy exploring all the other stimulating elements of this toy. They will love watching the traffic lights change colour and looking at the reflections in the little wing mirror.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 12-36 months

  • Five colourful buttons teach all about different vehicles - bus, truck, ambulance, police car and fire engine

  • Blue lever switches between three different modes of play

  • Sound functions include realistic vehicle sounds, fun phrases, two sing-along songs and 10 different melodies

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1 year+



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