VTech Light and Flight Discovery Globe 

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Watch your child embark on an adventure across the world with the VTech Light and Flight Discovery Globe!

Your little one will grab the joystick and get ready to take-off to explore exciting destinations and discover fun facts. As your child chooses between the continents and countries, this interactive aeroplane teaches him/her about famous places, animals, oceans, landmarks and people. While flying around the world, the globe lights up in different colours, depending on where the aeroplane lands or when the globe is spinning.

The quiz uses repetitive learning to help increase your child’s knowledge and develop vital memory skills. The electronic learning toy includes 37 hotspots, which are easy to use and touch-sensitive. Choosing between five modes of play, your child can listen to melodies, music, fun facts and sound effects while exploring different destinations. Not only will your little one improve his or her hand-eye coordination, geography skills and general knowledge but they'll even learn new language skills, discovering how to say simple phrases in different languages!

  • This brightly coloured globe lights up in different colours when it’s spun or a hotspot is triggered.

  • The interactive toy includes 37 touch-sensitive hotspots.

  • Five modes of play let your child learn about animals, oceans, foreign languages, landmarks, countries, continents, famous places and people, and more.

  • A quiz, music and fun sound effects enhance this game of discovery and exploration.

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3 years+



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