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As soon as the lid comes up on the Vtech My Laptop, your baby will be met with plenty of interactive and educational fun in the form of entertaining, flashing lights, sound effects and inspiring songs. It’s the perfect toy subscription addition for baby to copy parents and develop new skills on their own laptop. Opening and closing the lid teaches opposites, there's a spinning roller bar at the top and baby will love carrying their new laptop around to feel like a grown-up.

A fantastic gift for electronic learning, the bright LCD screen highlights three different themes of play which introduce baby to a variety of shapes, animals and colours. These are accessed through the nine chunky shape press buttons which promote discovery and exploration. The Vtech My Laptop also has a large ABC button to help teach letter sounds in a playful way. Providing sensory activity with pictures and numbers and the mouse - in the shape of the actual animal - moves up, down and across to develop motor skills.

The voice behind the screen gives your baby phrases and questions that quicken learning and recognition and the laptop stimulates the senses even more with three sing-along songs and 20 uplifting melodies. All the features are interactive, providing a fun and durable learning aid that will keep your baby engaged in those important first years of development.

  • Oversized buttons, robust design and bright colours

  • Electronic education to teach your baby shapes, numbers colours and animals

  • Entertaining role play to increase motor skills and coordination

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3 years+



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