VTech Tiny Touch Phone 

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Help your baby learn numbers, colours and shapes with the interactive VTech Tiny Touch Phone. With 10 light-up oversized press buttons and two shape buttons your baby’s new phone will help develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

This robust baby toy springs to life with a variety of jolly melodies and happy phone chat for a multi-sensory role play experience and entertaining addition to your toy box. When pressed, the chunky top call button rotates through three different modes of play as your little one is asked to find numbers, come and play, call their friends and find out more about shapes and colours. Accelerating development by teaching them everything from how many points a triangle has to how many sides a square has, the VTech Tiny Touch Phone is perfect for fun, pretend role-play as your baby carries out sweet conversations with their caller.

The sturdy design makes it easy for little hands to grip and rather than simply reinforcing numbers and shapes, the phone asks your baby to answer the caller’s questions. Different tunes and phrases ensure a variety of interaction and bright flashing lights keep curious minds intrigued and away from your TV remote control. Suitable for children from 12 to 36 months.

  • A fun, interactive way to learn numbers, shapes and colours

  • Promotes pretend play, speech development and hand-eye coordination

  • Realistic phone sounds and three modes of play

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1 year+



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