Waytoplay Highway Set

Waytoplay Highway Set


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Let your child get creative with this fantastic Highway set from waytoplay. Watch as they lay the turf down for their favourite toy vehicles using the various curves, straights and even roundabouts that the set contains. Children can design a road using their own imagination and creativity to foster a wide variety of adventures their cars can take.

The set is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and works on most surfaces. Also, waytoplay has made the construction of these roads simple and the pieces are easy for little hands to connect.

The way to play Highway set is easy to store and simple to clean, so fire up those engines and hit the road.

  • There's a total of 378cm of sturdy and flexible road pieces to put together and cruise down.

  • Additional waytoplay sets are available to develop further circuits.

  • Whatever brand of toy vehicle your child enjoys, these roads will allow a unique and imaginative experience.

  • The set includes 2 roundabouts, 2 intersections, 8 straights and 12 curves.

  • A realistic set that includes parking bays and even a zebra crossing.

  • Waytoplay sets are sent out in boxes for ease of storage, please return the boxes with the set.

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