Waytoplay Ringroad Set

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If your child loves all things cars, they can now construct their very own road circuit with this fantastic way to play Ringroad set.

Brilliant for helping young children develop imaginative play and creative skills, the Ringroad set allows them to build a circuit which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

The set comes with 12 flexible and durable pieces, which are easy to connect, including straights, corners, an intersection and a roundabout. The pieces are also easy to clean, so you might even be persuaded to let them create a course through the mud and leaves in the garden!

The Ringroad is also easy to pack up and transport, and so is ideal for taking to family visits to keep youngsters entertained all day long.

Additional sets can also be ordered so your little one can expand their road circuit for hours of fun and enjoyment…and hopefully, no traffic jams!

  • Flexible and durable.

  • Great to use on any surface, either indoors or outside.

  • Ideal for helping children expand their imaginations.

  • Easy to assemble and connect parts.

  • Includes eight corners, two straights with different road markings, one roundabout and one intersection.

  • Additional sets can easily be added to enhance circuit.

  • Waytoplay sets are sent out in boxes for ease of storage, please return the boxes with the set.

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3 years+



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