Werewolf - Small Costume

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This fun werewolf costume is the perfect fancy dress outfit for Halloween and for going out trick or treating. This easy to wear jumpsuit is practical, scary and so much fun to wear during pretend play with friends. The jumpsuit will allow your little one to run, jump and play at being a werewolf in ultimate style and comfort.

This werewolf jumpsuit features a top half that resembles a red plaid shirt that has been 'ripped' open to reveal the werewolf underneath, as the neck and chest are both covered in soft werewolf fur. The sleeves are a three-quarter length and are loose-fitting for added comfort. The bottom half of the jumpsuit features a brightly coloured printed pattern that has fur print towards the lower legs, to resemble werewolf legs. There is shredded detailing to the wrists and wide ankles, giving the impression that the werewolf has just evolved and is bursting out of his clothes.

Completing the werewolf look is the included half mask. This features scary fangs, fur, a nose, wide eye holes, and even werewolf ears. The mask is worn via a soft elasticated band that is gentle on the skin and very easy to wear.

  • All in one easy to wear jumpsuit.

  • Shredded detailing to wrists and ankles.

  • Soft fur on the chest area.

  • Half face mask with fangs and fur.

  • Small size suitable for children aged 3 to 4 years old.

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3 years+


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