Wheely Bug LadyBird - Small

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The Wheely Bug LadyBird is a ride-on toy that's - quite literally - heading in a new direction.

The wheels on the bottom of most ride-ons are fixed so they only move backwards and forwards, but thanks to the four castor wheels on the base of the LadyBird, it can travel in all sorts of directions; you can go side to side, or even round in circles!

As they discover all of the different ways that they can move about on their LadyBird, your little one will also be developing essential skills such as spatial awareness and self-confidence. It's also great for helping them to perfect their gross motor skills.

Like all products in the Wheely Bug range, it's been designed with safety and comfort in mind. The body of the LadyBird is covered with a layer of sponge to ensure it's super comfortable to sit on, and the handle is made from aluminium to ensure it won't rust. The springy 'feelers' on the front also have internal limiters so they can't be pulled out too far and potentially injure little fingers.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 1-3 years

  • Recommended maximum load 25kg

  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor play

  • Handmade using the highest-quality materials.

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1 year+



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