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The Wheely Bug Unicorn (Small) is a ride-on toy that is multi-directional. This means that the toy can be pushed, pulled, ridden, cuddled, kissed and loved by your child. The Wheely Bug is suitable for children aged 12 months and up. Unlike other ride-on toys, the Wheely Bug Unicorn offers up unlimited movements in any direction for the rider. This means that your little one can go wherever they want and enjoy every moment of the fun-filled journey.

The range of Wheely Bug toys is a colourful selection that is suitable for girls and boys. Each one has been specifically designed to offer up hours and hours of fun whilst promoting spatial awareness, self-confidence and gross motor skills. The Wheely Bug Unicorn features a layer of sponger which is padded, adding in an extra layer of safety and comfort along with the soft, plush fabric. This product is ideal for use on even surfaces and is the perfect toy to ride indoors. 

  • Wooden base has been crafted from poplar plywood, giving the toy a distinctive round contour.

  • The handle is made from aluminium, meaning it will be resistant to rust.

  • Toy is mounted on multi-directional casters which can take 30kg each, meaning the whole toy can hold 120kg.

  • Wheely Bug can be used on any even surfaces.

  • Small size is recommended for children aged 1 to 3 years old.

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