Where The Wild Things Are

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You'll go back to your childhood when reading your little one “Where The Wild Things Are” at bedtime. The story is aimed at children aged around 3+ and is about a little boy who, when he puts on his wolf suit, gets into all kinds of mischief. His mum calls him Wild Thing and sends him upstairs to bed without having his supper.

Through the night Max imagines a jungle growing in his room, a fast-flowing ocean, a boat on the ocean. This takes Max on a journey where wild things can be found. He manages to tame them and becomes their king. Then the fun really starts. Max promises to make the kingdom a happy place to live. After he sends the monsters away and all is quiet, he is quite lonely. Max thinks he should sail back home to his family.

The book is all about adventure - the little boy with a wild imagination will grab your child’s attention straight away - and is beautifully illustrated. If Where The Wild Things Are was your favourite book, it’s sure to become your child’s too. It will certainly bring back happy memories for you and create new ones for your children.

  • Beautiful full colour, 48 page book

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3 years+


Random House

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