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Where is Spot? No-one knows as the cheeky scamp is hiding! This is a classic story from author Eric Hill which your child is sure to love. From famed publishers, Penguin, and recommended for ages 2 and over, it is both funny and charming. Extra excitement is provided by the flaps inside which your little one has to lift to find Spot. This is the cheeky little puppy's first adventure and your child will adore helping trying to find him.

With colourful pictures and simple text to read, it is a great way to make reading enjoyable for your child. This was actually first published in 1980 and has been a No. 1 bestseller ever since! This means that parents of a certain age will have fond memories of reading it themselves when younger. The book boasts a sturdy board-backed design which makes it ideal for smaller hands to grasp. If you want a story that is perfect for bedtime relaxation or reading in the day, this is a great choice.

  • Bestselling book from author Eric Hill.

  • First story in 'Spot' range.

  • Full of simple text and colourful illustrations.

  • Interactive flaps for little hands to lift.

  • Sturdy design.

  • Ideal for introducing younger children to reading.

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2 years+



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