Wobbel Board Original

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Let children explore a whole range of fun with the brilliant Wobbel Original.

This fantastic toy is so simple in its design and yet so versatile, little ones can be kept entertained for hours at a time!

A great way to develop children’s imaginations and creative play, as well as enhancing balance and coordination skills through wobble, the possibilities with the Wobbel Original are endless.

The board can become a bridge, a car, an elephant’s back, a target, a hammock or a whole host of other objects depending on the imagination of your little one. Alternatively, practise balance and coordination skills on the Wobbel, standing on one leg, trying to catch a ball, or rock back and forth on all fours. Anything goes!

The Wobbel Board Original comes with a vibrantly coloured felt base to protect both the board and the floor.

  • Suitable for children of all ages to explore and enjoy.

  • A range of coloured finishes can be selected.

  • EKO felt can be added to protect both floors and Wobbel.

  • Great for developing children’s imaginations and a range of balance and coordination skills.

  • CAUTION: Adult supervision required at all times.

  • WARNING: Risk of slips and falls if wearing socks or smooth shoes, always leave clear space on all sides when playing.

  • NOTE: All our Wobbel boards have a felt base, you will get a felt colour based on availability.

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