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The Wobbel Board Pro is a curved wooden rocking toy that is great for helping children to wobble on and perfect their balancing skills and build up their strength. But because the bottom of the Pro is lined with recycled pressed felt, which is easier to clean than wool felt, it's the better choice for those who plan on using their Wobbel Board more frequently.

Thanks to its enhanced durability, children can spend hours discovering all the different ways to use their Wobbel Board Pro. They can try rocking while standing up, sitting down, or maybe even attempt a yoga pose or two! The more confident they get, the more ways they'll find to use this versatile balancing toy.

The Wobbel Board Pro is suitable for all age groups, so it's never too early - or too late - to hop aboard the Wobbel bandwagon!

  • Suitable from birth and supports up to 200kg

  • Weighs 4172g and measures 87 x 31 cm

  • Designed for 1 child at a time to play with when rocking

  • Felt base protects hard floors from scratching and reduces noise

  • CAUTION: Adult supervision required at all times

  • WARNING: Risk of slips and falls if wearing socks or smooth shoes, always leave clear space on all sides when playing

  • NOTE: All our Wobbel boards have a felt base, you will get a felt colour based on availability

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1 month+



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