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Coming from the same innovative designers that brought the Wobbel Board, the Wobbel360 offers children a new and exciting way to explore their natural creativity and experience playtime in a whole new way.

The disk’s simple shape is designed to encourage your child to think freely and find their own uses for the Wobbel360. Spinning, balancing and rocking are just a few of the myriad ways they could employ this unique device. Let your child’s imagination run away with itself as they perceive themselves to on the back of a saddled horse or the deck of a pirate ship, all while the Wobbel360 aids their body’s development by encouraging strength and balance during play and wobble.

  • Suitable for children aged one month and older, the Wobbel360 features layers of hard-pressed and stacked European beech wood to guarantee durability, withstanding weights of up to 200kg.

  • The design features will ensure your child enjoys continued use of the Wobbel360 as they grow and develop into their later years.

  • Featuring a soft felt underside to guarantee ease of use and reduction in scratching, the Wobbel360 works best against a hard surface floor to allow for maximum rotational capability.

  • Weighs 4720g and measures 70 cm in diameter

  • Designed for 1 child at a time to play with when rocking

  • CAUTION: Adult supervision required at all times

  • WARNING: Risk of slips and falls if wearing socks or smooth shoes, always leave clear space on all sides when playing

  • NOTE: All our Wobbel boards have a felt base, you will get a felt colour based on availability

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1 month+



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