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Unearth your child’s love for building with this addictive motorised digger. Ideal for children aged one and over, this battery-free and colourful digger makes for fun vehicle play in the home, dirt and sand, while encouraging creativity and the development of gross and fine motor skills.

Designed specifically for little hands, pushing Dexter the Digger around through the Push & Go engine will improve their spatial awareness and physical abilities. Youngsters will also be able to learn the different controls such as a WOW button which opens a secret engine compartment uncovering all the tools required for a day’s hard graft on a building site.

The set includes a play friend for interaction and two rattling boulders which can be picked up with the user-friendly mechanical dig and scoop arm. Get digging with Dexter the Digger today!

  • Multi-coloured and motorised digger with realistic engine sounds.

  • Includes one motor-powered digger, one play friend and two rattling boulder accessories.

  • Easy to use mechanical dig and scoop arm.

  • Develops gross and fine motor skills.

  • Encourages spontaneity and imaginative play.

  • WOW button reveals a hidden engine compartment.

  • No batteries required.

  • Suitable for children aged one and above.

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