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If your little one loves outer space and pretending to fly around the galaxy, then this fun rocket ship from WOW Toys is the ideal gift. They are not the only one who will have lots of exciting adventures with it - you will enjoy sitting with them as well to visit far off planets. As such, this is an awesome toy for stimulating creative play and your child's storytelling abilities. The rocket ship itself is easy for little hands to grip and is designed in fun, bright colours.

It also needs no batteries at all to operate but still comes with lots of cool features. Pull the rocket ship cord and you will see a launch countdown begin from 5 to 1 in its window. This is also accompanied by fun vibration's which really give the idea of a ship about to take off! Your child can also press the WOW button to open up the cockpit for more play ideas. The set comes with an astronaut play figure to help fly Ronnie into space and have even more daring adventures. As well as being fun and educational, this toy is easy to clean and care for.

  • Fun educational toy to help promote creative thinking.

  • No batteries needed.

  • Easy to wipe clean and care for.

  • Motorised pull cord to start the engine with vibrating function and countdown.

  • Cockpit opens for even more fun.

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1 year+


WOW Toys

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