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Let your child's imagination run free with this fun storytelling game. Creative juices will flow when your kid plays Zygomatic Rory's Story Cubes game which is the perfect travel companion for families. It's the perfect size to put in their luggage or is a great development game your family can play at home. The clever game consists of nine dice which have images on the sides. Your child has to make a story depending on the outcome of the dice and it has endless possibilities with no wrong or right answer.

As well as helping your child to work on their storytelling skills which will give them a boost in English class, it can help improve their language and problem-solving skills. They will have to think on their feet to play the game. It's an ideal choice to ensure your child's next game is educational while also proving lots of fun for everyone involved. Removing the competitive element, your child will be free to give the answer they wish.

  • A fun and educational game, ideal for the over-six age range.

  • A creative tool to help build storytelling skills.

  • An award-winning game loved worldwide.

  • Consisting of nine cubes with endless combination possibilities.

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