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Knowing when you’ve had a ‘Whirli moment’

The moment when you realise there’s a solution to your children’s toy clutter.

Every parent can relate – toy clutter at home is a thing! A thing that you are forever tackling. No sooner do you re-organise the bedroom, the living room becomes the next dumping ground. And so, last weekend me and the other half decide to tackle the shed. So full of stuff, we can’t open the door without disturbing its fragile ‘jenga-like’ arrangement.

Do we need all this stuff?

We turf its entire contents onto the lawn. What do we need and what can we get rid of? Garden chairs we never really use? Left over timber, pipes and rods? Gone – we find them a new home with neighbours and family.

The kid’s paddling pool, swing ball and garden games set? Surely not! We need them.

Hang-on, do we? The padding pool is hard, rigid and huge. The swing ball never stays upright. And the garden games set is rarely played with.

That Whirli moment

It then occurs to me – why don’t we use our Whirli subscription to get a good, inflatable paddling pool. A swingball set that actually swings and a set of games that we can swap. Then at the end of summer, we return everything.

Decision made – we find new homes for almost everything. Except the lawnmover, a bunch of tools and a few household favourites.

Even though I work for Whirli, we still get these Whirli moments. Times at home when it occurs to me that my Whirli subscription is beyond a perk. It’s a change of lifestyle. Now let’s see if by this time next year we’ve managed to keep the shed clutter at bay!

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