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The Wobbel Board Starter is suitable for kids of all ages and from birth. Its innovative, simplistic design has been shown to encourage creativity and foster open-ended play.

Its unique design stimulates balance and strength throughout play, gently and subtly introducing children with a sense of physical awareness, allowing them to indulge their creative minds while helping them naturally develop their bodies for more rigorous activity later in life.

Manufactured using many layers of the finest European beechwood, stacked and pressed under high pressure, its distinctive curve design makes it strong and durable, able to withstand up to 100kg of pressure.

This hard-wearing capability has been developed to guarantee parents peace of mind while the Wobbel Board Starter encourages their children to wobble, play, and explore their capabilities. Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Suitable from birth and supports up to 100kg

  • Weighs 2372g and measures 70 x 27 cm

  • Designed for 1 child at a time to play with when rocking

  • Felt base protects hard floors from scratching and reduces noise

  • CAUTION: Adult supervision required at all times

  • WARNING: Risk of slips and falls if wearing socks or smooth shoes, always leave clear space on all sides when playing

  • NOTE: All our Wobbel boards have a felt base, you will get a felt colour based on availability

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1 month+



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